If you find yourself planning a trip to Croatia next summer, don’t hesitate to visit Trogir, a charming medieval town located between the much bigger cities of Split and Zadar – making it a perfect starting point for exploring all natural attractions and historical sights Dalmatian coast has to offer. Being a small coastal town with rich history which dates back to the times of ancient Greek colonisation, Trogir has it’s own charm and allure which is definitely worth seeing.

Climb to the top of Kamerlengo Fortress

Kamerlengo fortress, a 15th-century fortress built by the Venetians, is located at the end of Trogir promenade. Even though it is relatively small in terms of castles and fortresses around Europe, it is worth visiting due to its magnificent architecture and marvelous view spreading on town, sea and surrounding islands and islets. Explore the inner hallways and climb the many stairs to the very top of the fortress – though, be careful because some of them are very narrow and steep. The inner courtyard of the fortress is also accessible to the public as it is often the place where various concerts and manifestations take place during the summer months.

Make sure to visit the nearby renaissance St. Mark’s Tower, built after the fortress in a circular shape, which was once used to support artillery on its broad roof and to defend the channel between the island and the mainland. Along with its broad grounds and waterfront setting, it’s a delightful place to explore as you ponder its former role safeguarding the old city.

Visit the local farmers market

Wandering through historical landmarks of Trogir’s town core is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this old town, but if you really want to experience the local perspective, then visiting the local farmers market is the way to go. The farmers market is located outside the old town core, just 100 m from the bus station and it’s a perfect place to try the local homegrown fruit, vegetables, locally produced olive oil and various other local homemade delicacies and products. For those looking for souvenirs to take back home with them, there are also a various souvenir stands with a wide offer from homemade products, toys, clothes – there’s something for everyone.

Relax on the beach

If you’re looking to spend a nice and relaxing day on the beach, the main beach in Okrug Gornji is the perfect spot for you. Located on Čiovo island approximately 3 km from Trogir and connected to the mainland with a bridge, Okrug beach (also called Copacabana) is easily accessible and offers various beach bars, restaurants, Caffe bars, and watersport activities. Some of the bars stay open throughout the night, offering entertainment for those looking for a nightlife.

For those looking for less popular and less crowded beaches, Čiovo island has many secluded beaches available for those willing to put a little effort into reaching them.

If you’re not willing to go that far, you can also visit Pantan beach located at the mouth of Pantan river just outside the town, next to the protected nature reserve. Unlike most of the other beaches in the area, Patan beach is a pebble beach but with a sandy bottom under the sea and very shallow water which is great for those traveling with children. It is easily accessible by a local bus or a ca

 Take a boat trip to nearby islands or visit Krka Waterfalls

Trogir promenade is not just the place where you can take an evening walk or go to one of the numerous restaurants during the summer, it is also the best place to book some exciting day trips and tours of the nearby islands and national parks. One of the most popular boat trips are the so-called 3 island tours and 5 island tours. The 3 island tour will take you on a daily trip to the closest islands – Drvenik, Šolta and Čiovo island with a stop in the Blue Lagoon – perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The much bigger 5 island tour will take you on a full day trip in which you will visit numerous destinations in Dalmatian archipelago – including the famous Blue Cave on Biševo island, Stiniva beach on Vis island and town Hvar on Hvar island.

For those who are not so keen on boat excursions, we recommend visiting Krka Waterfalls, national park located just 1 hour of driving from Trogir. Krka Waterfalls offers beautiful views of the park’s many waterfalls and cascades so don’t miss a chance to take a walk in the nature or even take a swim next to the main waterfall!

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Get lost in the narrow cobblestone streets

The historical city center of Trogir, which is located on a small island between the land and island Čiovo and connected by bridges to both sides, has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997 – and for a good reason. The town was founded by Greek colonists from island Vis in 3rd century BC and has kept its strategic value throughout the history. It has been continuously inhabited by Romans, Hungarians, and Venetians, which has left its mark on the overall impression of today’s town and lead to the entire town being a somewhat city-museum with a considerable number of churches, fortification towers, monasteries and palaces from different eras all connected with narrow and meandering cobblestone streets.

Being a small town, one could never actually get lost in those streets as most of them will lead you outside of the old city core – however, they are definitely worth exploring because among the walls of those streets you can find the best bistros, restaurants, cafes, and shops and really get to know the town from a local perspective. In addition, they are great if you’re looking for the perfect Instagram picture.

Walk on the promenade

The Trogir promenade, so-called “Riva” is maybe not as grandiose as some of its name counterparts in bigger cities such as Split, however, it is a perfect place for a nice stroll among the palm trees and gazing at the boats passing by. Stop by at one of the numerous caffes and restaurants at the promenade or book exciting day trips and tours of the nearby islands and national parks on one of the excursion stands at the end of the promenade. The promenade ends at Kamerlengo fortress, strategically placed at the most western point of the old town.

Visit the town square

Most of the top attractions for those keen on history and architecture are located on the town square and the most notable one of them is undoubtedly Trogir Cathedral of St. Lawrence. This magnificent architectural wonder was built over 300 years which is visible on different architectural styles which span throughout the building. It also features the famous 13th century romanesque door with portal carved by Master Radovan and the 14th-century bell tower which the visitors can climb for a small fee.

Right across the cathedral, you will notice the next historical landmarks – Clock Tower and City Loggia. The porch or loggia was used as public property, as a hideaway and a courtroom and as temporal custody for petty criminals.

The town square is also the location of the Town Hall, which was once the Duke’s palace, the center of political power in Trogir and a place for different public discussions. Mostly built in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it has kept the same purpose until today as an administrative centre. The inner courtyard of the palace hides one of the few remaining reliefs of a Venetial lion located on a well

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