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After selecting and booking your perfect holiday accommodation, another thing you might want to consider before your trip to Croatia is purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance is one of the most important things that you can purchase for any international trip and, whether you are visiting Croatia just for a couple of days or embarking on a month long journey, it is definitely something that you should seriously consider when confirming your booking.
Travel insurances come in various packages and can cover different options, such as:

  • medical assistance
  • loss of luggage
  • trip cancellation

How to purchase travel insurance?

Our agency offers the possibility of assisting travellers with purchasing travel insurance, wherein we act as an intermediary between the traveller and the insurance company. If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance, our website offers the possibility of marking the “insurance” checkbox when sending inquiry or booking request for each property. Booking form will then add the estimated price for insurance to the total cost and once we have all information regarding the insurance package you are interested in, we will get back to you with the exact cost for the travel insurance for your trip. The price of travel insurance can be paid along with the deposit payment for accommodation and no later than 48 hours after that. After the payment you will receive your travel insurance policy documentation and you are ready to travel!

Terms and Conditions of travel insurance packages are available in English here


Insurance coverage Duration of the trip in days Price in Croatian kunas per person
Death – traffic accident / bone fracture / cast 1 3 5 8 15 21 30 45 60
5.000 / 150 / 200 EUR 20,00 20,00 20,00 30,00 30,00 30,00 30,00 30,00 45,00
10.000 / 150 / 200 EUR 23,00 23,00 23,00 34,00 34,00 34,00 34,00 34,00 50,00
15.000 / 150 / 200 EUR 25,00 25,00 25,00 38,00 38,00 38,00 38,00 38,00 57,00
Luggage insurance 1 3 5 8 15 21 30 45 60
250 EUR 18,00 18,00 18,00 25,00 25,00 25,00 25,00 25,00 40,00
500 EUR 35,00 35,00 35,00 50,00 50,00 50,00 50,00 50,00 80,00
Travel cancellation insurance
Price of the reservation 2,25% of the total price of the reservation, minimum 50 HRK

* Price list listed above is for individual travel insurance. For different packages such as family travel insurance or group insurance, contact us and we will get back to you with the exact offer

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