Here is the complete Guide about Travelling To Croatia After COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 is anything but typical. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which has paralyzed most countries and left us on lockdown in our homes has changed the way we think about and go on with our everyday activities. The uncertainty it has created will surely impact our plans, especially those related to travelling. Even though at this time it is nearly impossible to predict when the restrictions and measures most countries currently have in place will be lifted, traveling as we know it will be changed even after the countries open their borders.

At the time of writing this article (04.05.2020.), Croatia has 499 active cases, 80 dead and 1522 recovered. The overall numbers are showing that the infection is decreasing in the last weeks, restrictions and safety measures are slowly being lifted and things are finally looking better, which has encouraged us to think about how will travelling to Croatia look like after the pandemic and to give some predictions for the season 2020, based on the current advice and predictions made by Croatian government officials and epidemiologists. These predictions are merely based on the assumption that the travel restrictions will be lifted in time to allow travelling to Croatia during the summer, or at least part of it. We will also let you know what measures have we taken to secure the security of travellers in these hard times.

Avoiding bigger cities and populated areas

Travellers who decide to go to Croatia this summer might want to avoid bigger and popular cities and book a property in smaller towns or rural areas nearby. For example, Trogir and Čiovo island might be considered as a better alternative to Split or Dubrovnik, as they are much less populated in general but still close enough to all attractions which travellers might want to visit during their stay.


Private accommodation and camps might be a safer option than hotels

Following the previous note, post-pandemic travellers might feel safer in booking private apartments and houses than going to large hotels and resorts. There might be an increase in staying in camps, due to the current advice on spending time in the open spaces and avoiding closed and crowded indoor spaces. Social distancing might also be easier to follow if you book a house which will be reserved just for your group instead of sharing a hotel with numerous other guests, especially if the house is located in a more remote area, further away from the center.


Longterm stays are more recommendable than shorter stays

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in shorter stays in Croatia. Travellers preferred staying in various different places for a shorter time, which has allowed them to change the scenery and see as much as they can in a short amount of time. This will probably change after the pandemic. Longterm stays in one place will prove as a safer option than travelling through various airport hubs, ports, or bus stations due to avoiding the risk of exposure.

Hosts and restaurants will also have to adapt to the new situation

Everyone is aware that the pandemic has changed the way we will travel this year and maybe even next year as well. Renters will have to disinfect and clean their accommodation more often and more detailed than they used to, following all the necessary precautions and advice directed by epidemiologists and other health services. Linen and towels will be washed in higher temperatures, the apartments and houses will have to be disinfected after each group and cleaned more often to secure the safety of the guests. Many restaurants in the coastal areas have already decided to offer delivery services so instead of going to the restaurant, guests will be able to enjoy the specialties from the comfort and safety of their accommodation. There is already talk about how all the restaurant and cafe workers will have to wear gloves and masks and that there might even be plexiglass partition panels between each table to secure maximum safety. Also, we have already recommended to all hosts we work with to make cancellation policies for this year more flexible so that travellers feel more secure in booking accommodation. We are also encouraging renters to open bookings for the year 2021 so that the groups who have to cancel their reservation due to the pandemic have the option to reschedule for the next year.


Travelling by car will probably be safer than traveling by airplane

When it comes to epidemics, airports are among places of higher risk. Most of the airports in Croatia are now closed and even if they get opened for regular flights during the summer and the safety measures dictate that there has to be a distance between each passenger in the airplane, it is questionable how many charter companies will be able to comply with these measures and if it will even be profitable for them to conduct their business this way at all. Travellers will probably feel safer travelling by car, which is why Croatia is an ideal destination for them, due to its good road connections to other European countries.

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