How to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia?

So you’ve decided to choose Croatia as your holiday destination and now you need to find that perfect luxury villa which will make your vacation an unforgettable experience? Here are some useful tips about How to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia? which can help you choose your home away from home.

1- Use a villa rental agency


How to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia?


Online booking platforms might be a cheaper option but renting with a local rental agency is definitely the safest option. To be sure you are getting what you see (as travel agencies usually personally go to every villa they list and make sure everything is as described) and to get a service that goes extra mile, especially when renting a luxurious accommodation, we recommend using a local travel agency which will not only coordinate everything up to your arrival but also make sure to arrange any extra services for you – from airport transfers to chef services, car or boat rentals and excursions or private tours.

2- Pick a location


How to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia?


The first thing to consider before you start looking for your dream holiday villa is where exactly do you want to go. If you don’t have any specific place already in mind, the offer might seem overwhelming –there’s an abundant choice of luxurious villas all over the coast. You can choose the location based on the nearby attractions and landmarks you would like to visit – would you like to see Dubrovnik? Would you rather stay somewhere more inland or in the first row from the sea? Would you prefer to spend your holiday visiting as many islands as possible? Each of these factors will determine which location would be the best option for you to get everything you want to achieve with your holiday. Generally, if you’re planning on being out and about regularly, make sure that your villa is not too remote so that you don’t have to travel great distances on dirt tracks to reach the grocery store or nearest restaurant.

However, if you’re looking for complete privacy and seclusion, this can be an advantage.

3- Book in advance


How to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia?


Luxurious accommodation is often booked months in advance – especially luxury villas which are located in the first or second row to the sea, which is why it is advisable to plan your holiday and make reservations as soon as possible. If you wait for the last minute you might lose the option to book the villa you want and will probably have to settle for the villa which is not on your desired location or is not up to the standard you want or maybe even lacks some of your required amenities. To avoid that situation, it is always better to book the villa between September and February, especially if you want to arrive in high season (July and August). However, it’s not impossible to plan a Croatian holiday on short notice, especially if you’re flexible about location and price.

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4- Inform yourself about amenities and extra services


Inform yourself about amenities and extra services


Most of the luxurious villas come with the conveniences of a hotel – but with extra space and flexibility. Many villas come with luxury amenities such as a private pool (which is now the standard for luxurious accommodation), sauna, gym, pool or ping pong table, and welcome drinks while some will also offer the laundry, airport shuttle or pre-stocking service. Make sure which amenities are included in the price and which are paid extra.

Some villa owners will list “private beach” among their amenities. Keep in mind there are no such things as private beaches in Croatia – a person cannot own the beach as it is a public surface and therefore cannot ban other people from accessing the beach. Some villas on more secluded locations might have access to a secluded beach which doesn’t have many other visitors, however, keep in mind that if somebody else arrives at the beach, you cannot expect them to leave.

Extra services are almost always paid separately and not included in the rental price, but they can be the tipping point when selecting one villa over another.

Some of the extras that can make a difference are chef services, massage services, nanny services, access to spa areas with wellness, assistance with arranging tickets to various attractions or landmarks, taxi services, etc.

5- Inform yourself what’s included in the price


Inform yourself what’s included in the price


Nothing will make you feel angrier than arriving on-site to find out what isn’t included in the price. Pretty much none of the owners of luxurious accommodation in Croatia, but it’s always better to inform yourself on time if maybe there are some extra costs that were not included in the rental price. These extra costs are usually noted in the listings. For example, some of the owners will charge the final cleaning fee. If you’re traveling with a pet, check if there is an additional cost for your pet for that specific accommodation.

6- Consider your length of stay and arrival time


Consider your length of stay and arrival time


While booking the villa, you should consider the length of your stay and the arrival time to the apartment. If you’re arriving by airplane, your flights to the nearest airport will probably be available only on certain days of the week. Like the apartments, most villas in Croatia have a minimum number of days for which you have to book the villa (the so-called minimum stay), which will vary depending on the location and season. Some luxurious apartments will also have a policy of 7 nights minimum stay with changeover days only on Saturdays, which means you can only check-in and check out on Saturdays, which is why it is important you inform yourself about these kinds of policies on time.

Since most villas are privately owned, they do not have the 24/7 receptions which means they will mostly determine allowed check-in and check out time. For example, you can check in between 14:00 and 20:00 and you have to check out by 10:00. Most owners normally do not charge later check-ins and if they do not have another guest arriving on the same day when you are checking out, they might also allow you a later check out free of charge. However, some villas might charge later check-in and check-outs so make sure you inform yourself about their policies.




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