So you’ve decided to choose Croatia as your holiday destination and now you need to arrange the accommodation for yourself and your group – don’t worry, here are some tips on How to book a Perfect Apartment in Croatia which will make your stay in Croatia the best possible experience.

1- Pick the location




The first thing you will have to consider before you start looking for your dream holiday apartment is where exactly do you want to go. If you don’t have any specific place already in mind, the offer might seem overwhelming – after all, Croatia is a tourist country and pretty much every coastal town and village regardless of the size will offer rental apartments. From Istria to Dubrovnik, there’s an abundant choice of rooms, villas, and apartments. The good news is that locals are frequently multilingual and highly experienced in hosting. Inform yourself about the popular attractions and landmarks in Croatia and see which ones would like to visit during your stay – would you like to see Dubrovnik? Are you more interested in visiting Plitvice Lakes? Would you prefer to spend your holiday visiting as many islands as possible? Are you just looking for a place with a nice beach where you can spend the entire day sunbathing and swimming? All of these factors will determine which location would be the best option for you to get everything you want to achieve with your holiday.

If you want to see as many attractions as you can during your stay, consider coming to a smaller town which is between larger cities and which will be your base for visiting all the nearby attractions. For example, if you stay in Šibenik or Trogir, you will easily be able to make day trips to visit Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik, Krka Waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes national parks, while Klis fortress and the ancient ruins of Salona are also nearby and you have the option of taking various boat trips to nearby islands of Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Drvenik and Vis.

2- Determine your budget




The next step after picking the location should be determining what kind of budget do you have for your rental apartment which will narrow the choice of apartments you will look at. For example, if your budget is 60 € per day in high season, don’t expect to find a luxury apartment with a sea view and a pool in that price range. If you want to stay somewhere near the beach, keep in mind that the closer the apartment is to the sea and the beach, the price will be higher than for the apartments which are located a bit further from the beach or don’t have Seaview.

If you find an apartment you like which is a bit over your budget, consider booking the apartment in pre- or postseason. High season for most apartments in Dalmatia is from mid-July to mid-August, however, due to the mild climate, the weather is nice and warm from mid-April to late October, which is also when the accommodation prices are much lower. For example, June and September are the perfect time to visit Croatia – the weather is nice and it will be much less crowded so you will be able to enjoy the attractions and landmarks without long queues.

3- Choose the apartment


Choose the apartment


After determining the location and budget, you are now ready to look for various listings and see what’s out there. You can use some of the popular online booking platforms such as Airbnb and – just keep in mind that the listings on these platforms are not strictly regulated which means that in some cases the advertised amenities or listings will not match the apartment you will see upon your arrival. Additionally, booking with local travel agencies also presents a safer option of accommodation rental since you have the security of working through a legal business which can vouch for the accommodation you are renting (they usually personally visit all of the accommodation they list) and can be at your disposal for anything you might need during your stay – from organizing boat trips, transfers, catering and chef services, etc.

One of the indicators of the amenities and price range for the apartments is the star categorization, which is usually noted in the listings. Private accommodation in Croatia is heavily regulated, categorized and rated. Rooms and apartments are awarded one to four stars depending on size, amenities, and service (although the one-star category is being phased out, now applying only to older accommodation units). The goal is to enforce a certain standardization and to coordinate apartment categories with hotel categories, which means that a three-star apartment should roughly correspond to a three-star hotel.

Another thing you should take into consideration while choosing the apartment is the location of the apartment. If you’re looking for privacy, peace, and quiet you should look for the apartments which are located a bit outside of the popular places and bigger cities but be prepared that you might not have a large selection of restaurants and grocery stores nearby. If you want to explore the landmarks and attractions or enjoy the nightlife, a more centrally located apartment might be a better option.

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4- Inform yourself what’s included in the price


Inform yourself what’s included in the price


Nothing will make you feel angrier than arriving on-site to find out what isn’t included in the price. Pretty much none of the owners in Croatia will charge you separately for the utilities, the use of washing machine, parking or air conditioning (though maybe some time ago you could find those that would charge these amenities extra), but it’s always better to inform yourself on time if maybe there are some extra costs which were not included in the quote you have to pay upon making the reservation. These extra costs are usually noted in the listings. For example, some of the owners will charge the final cleaning fee. Another additional cost is the local tourist tax.

In most of the cases, tourist tax will be included in the price of the accommodation, but in some cases (mostly in aparthotels and larger apartment complexes) it is paid separately on arrival. Tourist tax varies depending on the place you stay in and it is normally around 1-2 € per night per person for all visitors older than 12 years, but make sure you check out if it’s included in the price of accommodation or not. If you’re traveling with a pet, check if there is an additional cost for your pet for that specific accommodation.

5- Consider your length of stay and arrival time


Consider your length of stay and arrival time


While booking the apartment, you should consider the length of your stay and the arrival time to the apartment. If you’re arriving by airplane, your flights to the nearest airport will probably be available only on certain days of the week. Most apartments in Croatia have a minimum number of days which you have to book the apartment for (the so-called minimum stay), which will vary depending on the location, type of apartment and season. For example, apartments in Split will usually have a minimum stay of 1 or 2 nights, while the apartments in some smaller coastal towns will have a minimum stay of 5-7 nights in high season (July and August). Some luxurious apartments will also have a policy of 7 nights minimum stay with changeover days only on Saturdays, which means you can only check-in and check out on Saturdays, which is why it is important you inform yourself about these kinds of policies on time.

Most apartments will also determine allowed check-in and check out time. For example, you can check in the apartment between 14:00 and 20:00 and you have to check out by 10:00. Since most of the apartments in Croatia are privately owned, they normally do not charge later check-ins and if they do not have another guest arriving on the same day when you are checking out, they might also allow you a later check out free of charge. However, some apartments might charge later check-in and check-outs so make sure you inform yourself about their policies.




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