How to Travel with a Pet in Croatia?

Traveling with your pet is a fun experience, however, sometimes there might be some challenges with arranging your holiday. Even though Croatia is a pet-friendly country, you should carefully check which documentation is necessary for your pet to enter the country, so it is always advisable to start preparing as soon as possible. Here are the few tips on How to Travel with a Pet in Croatia?

In order to travel with your pet to Croatia, you will need to complete the following requirements:

  • Pets must have a microchip
  • Pets must have a pet passport with pet description or an authorized certificate to confirm a clean bill of health
  • Proof of vaccination against rabies
  • Proof of ownership


How to Travel with a Pet in Croatia


For those traveling from an EU country, you will just need an EU pet passport issued by your veterinarian. A non-commercial EU health certificate is not required for pets traveling to Croatia from another EU Member State unless a rabies booster was administered by a veterinarian outside of the EU at any time after your pet received its microchip.

No matter what country you are entering Croatia from, you or your representative must sign a Declaration of Non-Commercial Transport stating that your pet’s transport does not involve the sale or transfer of ownership of your pet.

If you’re traveling from a non-EU country, you will need a health certificate for your pet. A licensed veterinarian in the originating country must complete the non-commercial EU health certificate for Croatia within 10 days of travel. If your pet is traveling from the United States, the veterinarian must be accredited by the USDA and the health certificate must be endorsed by the State USDA office unless the certificate is completed by a military Veterinary Corps Officer or GS-0701 series civilian government veterinarian employed by the military.

The CFIA must endorse forms issued by Canadian veterinarians.
If you’re traveling to Croatia from another country, then the forms must be endorsed by the government agency responsible for the import and export of animals.

Make sure to check if there are any special requirements when entering Croatia with a pet for your specific country, especially if it might be considered a place of health risks. To make sure you have all necessary requirements, check with the Ministry of Agriculture for more information.

One can enter Croatia with up to 5 pets in order to be treated as a non-commercial import.

Croatia can definitely be your holiday destination when you’re traveling with a pet. If you’re going to Croatian coast during the summer, keep in mind that coastal cities are small in size, however, they usually have at least one park where pets are allowed, pet-friendly beaches or even special dog parks where you can take your pets.  Not all beaches are pet-friendly, so make sure that the beach you are going to allows pets in order to avoid unnecessary complications. Bigger cities usually have many walking areas where you can enjoy yourself with your pets. If you are planning to use public transportation, make sure to check whether pets are allowed and what is the procedure if you’re traveling with your pets in boats, ferries, etc. Some public transportations might require you to keep a pet in the carrier or on the leash during the transport so inform yourself about their policies on time.

Finding a pet-friendly accommodation

When traveling with a pet to Croatia, you need to make sure that the accommodation you are looking for is pet-friendly, which will usually be noted in the listing or on the website. Even when it is written in the listing, it is always better to note you are traveling with a pet in your accommodation request and get confirmation from the owner or agency. Don’t assume every apartment will accept your pet, especially if it’s larger in size. Some owners have a rule of accepting just “smaller pets”, usually without a detailed explanation of what exactly is considered a smaller pet, so it is best to ask beforehand. Also, keep in mind that some owners might charge extra if you’re traveling with a pet so be sure you get all the information before you confirm your reservation. This also goes if you are traveling with more than one pet – the owner might not be so enthusiastic to let 3 dogs in his apartment so make sure to check. You will almost certainly be able to find accommodation in your preferred location, especially if you’re arriving outside of the peak tourist season, as there are more choices in that period.



If you’re traveling with a pet to Croatia, good advice would be to find the apartment or villa located near places where you will have an enjoyable environment for your pet, such as parks or pet-friendly beaches. Maybe it would be best to avoid the peak tourist season (that would be July and August) or at least the most popular tourist places in Croatia since it tends to be hot and very crowded in that period and let’s be honest – most dogs won’t really appreciate that. Also, if you are booking an apartment or villa in Croatia which has a garden or pool, double-check if your pets can use these areas.

Here are the few Pet-friendly Apartments in Croatia.

It is also advisable to always ask if you can sit at a bar or a restaurant with your pet. In most situations, in most tourist-oriented places, the answer will usually be a clear “Yes!”, and your companion will receive a bowl of water during the summer. And, if you get a “No”, that’s also OK, there are lots of places that will appreciate pets.




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